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Change your behaviors

Habbit is a powerful new program built to help you adopt better habits and eliminate negative patterns.

Designed as a fun game played over one month, our system targets root behaviors and the psychological factors that contribute to your goal attainment.

Get outdoors
Play a
social sport
Reduce junk food

High performance

We threw out the old play book on habit change for something cutting edge that uses the blockchain for security, privacy and rewards.

Inside Habbit, you’ll set individualized targets, positive and negative, represented with points earned for completion. You report your behaviors daily and develop meaningful and quantifiable patterns toward designing a better you.

Group support

Team up with
like-minded people

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

--African Proverb

Deep work can often be isolating. When you enroll in Habbit, you’ll be assigned a support team with other players. Teams exist for sharing wisdom, community, and social accountability.

Free to play

Habbit is free to play but requires a deposit as a commitment to showing up and putting in the work. The deposit is made in Bitgreen network tokens, "BBB".

$100 in BBB tokens

285BBB tokens

Reach your target points total

Reach your game’s points target by the end of the month and your deposit is returned.

If not...

Your deposit is donated to charity in the form of retiring carbon credits that fight climate change and conserve the environment.

Getting started

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Download Telegram on your desktop.

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Register with a deposit of 285 BBB tokens.

3Getting started

Reach the points target before game’s end and receive your deposit back.

Check back soon

Currently there are no games scheduled.

Watch an introduction

Adam Carver, CEO at Bitgreen, introduces the Habbit game and provides and walk-through of the check-in process.

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